I’m walking on sunshine

23rd April 2010 2 comments

For xin-yi

Well, it really applies to everyone 🙂 But dedicated to xin-yi~

I still have little quizzes here and there, a bio report due but apart from that, I’m a-okay! ♥ I’m still a little stressed, but that’s natural.

I was so silly today! I had a Human Biology mid-semester exam and when you leave, you have to show your ID card. Anyways, I handed in my paper and smiled at the person, holding my ID card next to my face.

The supervisor laughed a little and said my ID card was upside down. T_T

Oh well, it was good to laugh with my friends after woods and totally made me forget about that horrid exam.

Also, my friend got me a David + Goliath tshirt! It was really sweet of her! ♥ I got this one, hahaha. I do love ninjas 😀

The Comments

  • xin-yi
    24th Apr, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    AWW!! Thank you so much! <3 I will definitely show them that I can do it.
    Good luck with all your quizzes and tests. Don't let the little stress become a big stress! D: Take care of yourself.
    My professors usually just go around the desks checking the id cards, but I've always thought that the security was a little too lax because I could simply have had a friend with long black hair sit in for me. All the friend had to do was look down and make sure the professor/TA never saw her face when checking id cards because the professors here don't do that,


    Misaki Reply:
    April 30th, 2010 at 7:10 pm


    Thank you! I’m stressed but it’s the stress that pushes you forward, so I’m alright with it. I’m actually chilling right now a little, after finishing one of my major assignments 😀

    Really? Yeah, I think our security is a little lax too. Well, not for this exam, but for some of our quizzes, they don’t even check 😀


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