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13th August 2010 4 comments

Phew! It’s been a hectic week. I’m sorry, I was supposed to update my blog last week but I was tied up with so many things.

Firstly, my computer died on me. It was my power supply that died, no biggie. The only problem was that it died on Sunday (hence I couldn’t update) and most of the computer stores were closed T_T. So I had to wait until Monday afternoon, trek to my local computer store and go home and install it myself. Hahahaha yeah, I’m geeky that way (on just normally, I dunno) and prefer doing it myself since it’s cheaper 😀

Secondly, my host was having problems and I’ve been busy cleaning up after their crap. That sounds so harsh 🙁 But I’m annoyed because my hosting site was affected and so were my hostees. Not cool. I’m intending to change hosts, which may mean downtime BUT let’s hope that’ll be the end of it.

I will probably post up a design soon. Maybe. No promises 😉

Sorry if this post isn’t coherent. Generally, I stick to my hot chocolate when I go to uni because I don’t like coffee. But today, I brought a mocha (my 2nd time) and have been twitching like crazy, lol. I’m shaking while type at the moment *shakes head*. 10 thousand things are going through my mind hahahaha.

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  • xin-yi
    14th Aug, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Wow.. Misaki you should really take a break. It seems like you really pushed yourself this past week. Your host has been having quite a bit of problems right? I recall several posts in the past about that. I’m sorry to hear about it. Which host do you use?
    I don’t like coffee either. I stick to tea and hot chocolate as well. 😀


    Misaki Reply:
    August 14th, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Thanks for your concern xin-yi <3. I took a break today so I'm feeling a little better now. But I think the coffee was the reason why I went a little...weird lol!

    My host is RewindHost but I will be moving hosts very soon. The host I'm intending to change to are more expensive, but hopefully will be worth it 😉

    I generally stick to hot chocolate and tea too! ^^ But I had group work to do and we planned meeting really early in the morning. I really shouldn't have brought the mocha though, lol. I bet my group members thought I was weird because I was so jittering hahahaha


    xin-yi Reply:
    August 15th, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    I hope you won’t have any more issues when you change hosts. I’m thinking about buying hosting when I get my new domain in a few months. I’m looking at several places right now, but I think I might go with SurpassHosting.


    Misaki Reply:
    August 15th, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I hope not 😀 Oh really! Best wishes with that <3 I've been with SurpassHosting before, I liked their services though they are a little pricey and their support was average. If you like, I can recommend a couple of hosts (though I haven't been with them personally, I have heard reviews). You can go poking around at them and see if you like any 😉

    Yeah, I get kicks looking for new web hosts, lol. Even if I don't need one etc. I still look around, hahaha.


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