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13th August 2012 9 comments

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes everyone! ♥

My holidays have ended and I’m back to hardcoring it at uni which explains my slight absence as I turn on my brain from hibernation. Fun times ahead 🙂 I’m happy that I’m doing something since I was pretty sure I became vegetable in the holidays.

But yeah, it’s not that fun. Naturally have tons of work and it’s so hard waking up early in the cold here. My immediate thought when I wake up is, ‘urghhh, uni.’ Then ‘I’ll be back for you bed’ before begrudgingly rolling out of bed.

I caught up with one of my good friends from high school in the short hiatus I took from blogging. We began discussing her holiday to America and it had really solidified my resolve to travel overseas at the end of this year. I really would love to go somewhere in Europe,  Asia and somewhere in America. Europe will probably won’t be until I get older and save some more money to properly enjoy it but America/Asia sounds like a good place to start! Where in particular though…hmm. I know I have relatives in California and Texas so I guess I would have to stop by them.  New York? Apparently, that’s overhyped. For Asia, I would really want to go to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Gotta save up!

But I am traveling interstate at the end of this year – to Queensland. I’ve been before but those times were with family. This time I’ll be going to pharmacy friends 🙂 The only thing I’m worried about is bedding arrangement since we have an odd number of girls and boys going, hahaha 🙂

So for those who live in the states – where would you suggest visiting? And for everyone – where would you like to go if you could? 🙂

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  • Mei
    13th Aug, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Hahaha, you and I have the same plans for the next couple of months. While Australia is still not part of my itenerary, it seems visiting the place would be good since I have you and some friends there. Though give me a holler when you go to either one of the Asian countries so I can go with ya and explore together XD


  • Jen
    13th Aug, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Chicago might be fun. They’ve got wonderful museums & shopping, and they’re kind of overlooked, I think. I was meant to go there for a senior trip, but it never came about.

    As far as going somewhere myself… I’ve always wanted to go somewhere beautiful in Scotland. I think their accents are enchanting, and the landscape/seascape is magical 😀


  • Gretch
    14th Aug, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Ah~ I can totally relate with that one. It’s really really hard to get up when it’s cold in the morning. I wish I don’t have to go to work and just keep on sleeping sometimes. T.T

    I hope you’d have a fun time travelling ~. I’d like to travel to Europe and Japan too,one day (I’m really really into Japanese culture).~


  • Carol
    16th Aug, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Hello Misaki!
    It’s been a while since i popped by! Right now i just don’t want to think about it when september comes! it’d be my last educational year before i step out to the real world! I’d love to visit New York or Japan if possible. You are absolutely right to save up more money to tour europe! Spending three months in Paris, oh man, you can’t imagine how many times i told myself “if i were rich, i’d be able to do this…..” XD if ever you are dropping by Singapore, let me know- if ever I’m in singapore too, maybe i can bring you out to try all the food 🙂


  • Carrie
    21st Aug, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Vacationing always sounds nice! I’d like to visit an ocean beach for the 1st time once I get my finances in order. 🙂


  • Jenny
    23rd Aug, 2012 at 3:46 am

    I actually kinda miss school, lol. It’s nice being able to have summer + winter breaks D:

    Once you turn 21 you should visit Las Vegas 😀 Not for the gambling, but the hotels/casinos are gorgeous, there are lots of great restaurants + stores there. It’s also relatively close to LA and 4 hours away from the Grand Canyon 🙂


  • Sue
    29th Aug, 2012 at 5:26 am

    I have some suggestions:

    Los Angeles, CA – Universal Studios, Hollywood Blvd. (Hollywood Museum etc.), Reagan Library, Santa Maria Beach or other beaches

    Las Vegas, NV – Bellagio Gardens, The Venetian for shows like Phantom of the Opera, Paris Las Vegas and other shopping places on Las Vegas Blvd.

    Chicago, IL – Magnificent Mile, Navvy Pier, Millennium Park, Science and Industry Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Six Flags Great America

    Orlando, FL – Disney World, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


  • Shiki
    31st Aug, 2012 at 3:58 am

    “Hardcoring it at uni” heh I like this line ahaha so fierce “hardcoring” 😛
    …I’m a veggie too,let’s be veggie buddies haha I’m such a couch potato during the holidays D:
    Every time holiday’s over and uni’s about to start, waking up in the morning is like dragging a truck, so heavy and difficult that sometimes I have to roll around the bed several times to gather all the pieces of my soul.
    I really want to do traveling when I grow up later ;___; it’s one of my dreams and I think I must at least travel several places before I die,lol. Places like Venice, Italy and of course duh, Japan, and some others too,especially England because London is super gorgeous. Korea is probably the last in my list, lol. No offend to Kpop okay xD But eh living in the states must be nice! I’d love to take my camera and just basically walk around town and take snapshots unlike in here…all I see is cars and malls. sigh. and pollution. 🙁


  • Moni
    3rd Sep, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Misakiii <3 Ive missed you 🙂


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