Why, hello there!

16th October 2013 4 comments

I haven’t been feeling entirely myself these past few weeks, which was why I avoided blogging. Remember the decision I was talking about in the previous post? Basically, things got extremely messed up. For the last weeks, my life was basically like a drama series – betrayal and a heavy dose of angst all round. There was a period in which I didn’t even know if I had an intern position anymore. That was the worst, being in limbo.

Bottom line though, things have settled down and I do have an intern position at the old pharmacy so I’m really happy to have that part of my life done with 😀

Assignments and exams draw near – bringing a wide range of emotions: stress, determinedness and nostalgia. Stress’ a natural emotion, as long as I manage to keep it to a healthy amount of stress 🙂 I’m pretty much a procrastinator but I don’t think I am as bad as some people I know. I remember my friend had not touched a single lecture of any of our units and basically crammed 48 hours before the exam…I don’t think I would be able to do that to myself. But nostalgia for this means that the semester is drawing to an end and I’ll graduate from university and move to full-time work…not looking forward to it because yeah I’m a lazy bum 😀


Is anyone participating on the NanoWrimo this year? I’ve always wanted to participate but unfortunately, November has always been ‘exam month’ with finals scattered throughout. I’m going to see if I can do it this year though, so if anyone’s participating, let’s cheer each other on, yeah? 🙂

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gone to chase the sun

13th March 2012 6 comments

I wish.

Uni is killing me. Be back soon.

EDIT: ‘Soon’ seems like a while. Expect a small revamp (i.e. layout change) hopefully when I come back. Or maybe not. I get design blocks during uni T_T.

EDIT 2: For anyone who still visits – design block getting me, so therefore…I probably won’t be back until late June/Early July. I might change the direction of the blog (nothing dramatic) but I’m still figuring it out.

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