I don’t believe in fairytales, but I want to believe in you and me

6th October 2011 18 comments

So. Instead of studying, I designed a new layout for Sky-Song.ORG. It’s nothing mind-blowingly pretty or new but I’m neutral to it, surprisingly. Generally when I spend a long time on a layout, I begin despising it (hence why I never get anywhere). How do you like it? I’ve also changed the content around a little bit to adjust to the new layout. And if you noticed my ‘maintenance mode’ page that I had for a few hours, I also changed the permalinks since they were pissing me off since they were so ‘ugly’.

Hilariously, I almost forgot Sky-Song.ORG’s upcoming birthday until I had to write a page on it 🙂 17th October 2011 will mark the 1 year birthday for the domain. I’ll be too busy at that time to celebrate it, but I suppose this layout makes up for it 😀

And I hope this layout makes up for me not being here for a while 😀 I’ve got upcoming exams and therefore I won’t be able to post much (as you’ve noticed) or comment much. I’ll still be lurking and maybe an occasional post but I’ve got to focus on my studies. I don’t want any repeats of what happened last semester.

The rest of the post will be about my design process with this layout. I find it interesting to read others – mine’s not so interesting but meh 🙂 Ramblings, images and tl;dr alert.


somebody take me away

4th September 2011 9 comments

My friend that I previously spoke about is showing some signs of life. Hallelujah! She hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend though but there’s nothing I can do about that :S

I have upcoming quizzes that I should be studying for. Sighhh…yes, I complain about uni life a lot. LOL. It’s just if I fail any of my components, they hold you back. Seriously. If I fail a quiz worth 25%, I fail the entire unit already. Pharamacy’s so damn strict.

And after my quizzes, I should be studying for my final exams. The semester’s passed so quickly! I need to try super hard this semester since the units have gotten so much harder.

So basically the point of my ramblings is: I’ll probably disappear for the next month or 2 and then resurface properly until the semester’s over, lol. I’ll still be floating around though, maybe an occasional post here and there ^^.


In other news, at work I finally feel like I’m being a little valued. I’m finally going to get dispensary-trained. Yup, I’m a drug dealer (pharmacist) but usually at work, I’m not allowed behind the counter and end up being like a normal retail person. But I’m finally going to get trained and help out at the back. I’m a bit nervous :S I don’t know anything and I’ll be working with my manager, ack.

But yesterday I got to count the tils and money and holy…I’ve never handled that amount of cash in my life. It was like $16 000 AUD in cash. I was holding that much amount of money and trying to count it all, lol. And I made all these mistakes :S Oh well, I’m still learning.

Um…yeah that’s it for now.

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