7th September 2012 5 comments

Uni has kidnapped me and is holding me hostage.

Ransom? Er…well I’ll get released after I finish exams 🙁

P.s. Sorry for not replying to comments etc. I’ll be back after Sept. 14th 🙂 ♥

New phone…

11th June 2012 13 comments

Exams in 1 week = time to cram. But as I said I wouldn’t completely abandon my blog and I have been trying to blog more frequently, yes? 🙂

So remember how I said that I wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy S3? I had told myself to wait then, for normally the price will decrease and the known bugs would be released but then, I decided to splurge the $720 AUD (which is practically the same in USD, I believe) for the phone. I needed a new phone anyways since my old one was really dying on me and suffice to say, I’m happy with this one 🙂 Normally, it would have been $800 AUD outright but there was a special so I decided to get it.

Some photos~ And please ignore my messy table, this is what happens when my exams approach. There’s so much clutter on my table 😐 Lecture notes everywhere.

 Boxing of Samsung Galaxy S III – with my messy table  🙂

Tada!~ Samsung Galaxy S III with a lovely backdrop of my table + lecture notes

Phone against my wall 😉

I’m really loving it 🙂 Much better than my old phone. The specs are really good, it’s amazingly fast and the screen is absolutely gorgeous.

That’s all really. Back to studying 🙁

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