Open up your heart tonight, ‘cuz I could be all that you need

8th December 2011 17 comments


So I’m a 3rd Year pharmacy student now. Well technically not until next year~ I have some trepidation about entering 3rd year since I know it’s the hardest year. But I’m determined to make the most out of it!

My life is super boring. I haven’t been doing anything much. If I’m not working, I’m usually working on my domains. I’ve been strangely productive on working on them~ But of course, there’s so much more work to do on them but I can’t wait to show them to everyone ^^. Sky-Song.ORG and Wasurenaide.ORG already got their ‘face-lifts’ so they’re not included in the major revamp project I have going on. It’s mainly HeartWar.NET and Three-Words that are getting revamped~ More so HeartWar since I abandon it during the semester and then only work on it in the holidays~

Oh gosh, I’m such a boring person :S

While bumming at home I managed to finish the manhwa colouring I previewed a couple of weeks ago.


Click for the manwha colouring.

I absolutely love Hot Chelle Rae when I first heard their single ‘Tonight Tonight’ on the radio. Their album is amazing and I’m super happy that they collaborated with Demi Lovato on their track, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’. It’s been on repeat for a while:

Hot Chelle Rae – Why Don’t you Love Me? (feat. Demi Lovato)

1. Why Don't You Love Me     

And to those who have exams right now: Good luck! <3

I don’t believe in fairytales, but I want to believe in you and me

6th October 2011 18 comments

So. Instead of studying, I designed a new layout for Sky-Song.ORG. It’s nothing mind-blowingly pretty or new but I’m neutral to it, surprisingly. Generally when I spend a long time on a layout, I begin despising it (hence why I never get anywhere). How do you like it? I’ve also changed the content around a little bit to adjust to the new layout. And if you noticed my ‘maintenance mode’ page that I had for a few hours, I also changed the permalinks since they were pissing me off since they were so ‘ugly’.

Hilariously, I almost forgot Sky-Song.ORG’s upcoming birthday until I had to write a page on it 🙂 17th October 2011 will mark the 1 year birthday for the domain. I’ll be too busy at that time to celebrate it, but I suppose this layout makes up for it 😀

And I hope this layout makes up for me not being here for a while 😀 I’ve got upcoming exams and therefore I won’t be able to post much (as you’ve noticed) or comment much. I’ll still be lurking and maybe an occasional post but I’ve got to focus on my studies. I don’t want any repeats of what happened last semester.

The rest of the post will be about my design process with this layout. I find it interesting to read others – mine’s not so interesting but meh 🙂 Ramblings, images and tl;dr alert.


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