somebody take me away

4th September 2011 9 comments

My friend that I previously spoke about is showing some signs of life. Hallelujah! She hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend though but there’s nothing I can do about that :S

I have upcoming quizzes that I should be studying for. Sighhh…yes, I complain about uni life a lot. LOL. It’s just if I fail any of my components, they hold you back. Seriously. If I fail a quiz worth 25%, I fail the entire unit already. Pharamacy’s so damn strict.

And after my quizzes, I should be studying for my final exams. The semester’s passed so quickly! I need to try super hard this semester since the units have gotten so much harder.

So basically the point of my ramblings is: I’ll probably disappear for the next month or 2 and then resurface properly until the semester’s over, lol. I’ll still be floating around though, maybe an occasional post here and there ^^.


In other news, at work I finally feel like I’m being a little valued. I’m finally going to get dispensary-trained. Yup, I’m a drug dealer (pharmacist) but usually at work, I’m not allowed behind the counter and end up being like a normal retail person. But I’m finally going to get trained and help out at the back. I’m a bit nervous :S I don’t know anything and I’ll be working with my manager, ack.

But yesterday I got to count the tils and money and holy…I’ve never handled that amount of cash in my life. It was like $16 000 AUD in cash. I was holding that much amount of money and trying to count it all, lol. And I made all these mistakes :S Oh well, I’m still learning.

Um…yeah that’s it for now.

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i wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time

11th July 2011 11 comments

First things first. I passed my exams!

Now don’t go saying ‘see I told you so’ because I didn’t do too well. Honestly, for one exam I got 50. 50. I just passed. But the point being, I passed. The rest were just credits and distinctions.

I need to get my act together next semester. I think I say that every semester and do I do it? Nope, lol.

My birthday’s coming up! July 13th 😀 The same time that Harry Potter comes out! Though I don’t think I’ll watch HP on the day. 1) The tickets are all booked out. 2) Crowds of high school kids piss me off. Don’t get me wrong, I generally don’t mind high school kids but I can’t stand teeny boppers.

My holidays are nearly ending *sigh* I still have loads to do but! I have been working on my other domains, or I have the intention on working on them but I never actually seem to get any work on them. Funnily enough I told myself that I wouldn’t really work on my hosting site but so far, it’s actually been worked on a lot. Not giving away any hints but when it relaunches, I think I’ll be happy because there’s so much behind the scenes work that it’s crazy :S

So far in my holidays, I’ve watched X-Men First Class which I loved :D. My sister and I didn’t really want to watch it for some reason but we had to because we were at the cinemas with the intention of watching Transformers 3 but by the time we go in line, it was sold out. Eventually, we did watch Transformers 3 and it was alright. I don’t remember it much.

Now I’m off to stalk everyone’s blogs 😀

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