The Big 2-0

16th July 2012 14 comments

Thank you to everyone who participated in the book giveaway! :)

So I turned 20 last week. My family didn’t do much only because at the moment, we’re experiencing some family troubles. It’s an on-going and probably never-ending issue that I touched upon this post here – if you listen to the song within that post, it pretty much sums my circumstances. My sister and I had initially left to live with my aunty and uncle but that itself rose some other problems and then we eventually got guilt-tripped by our mother to return. And thus the cycle starts again.

But yes! I am 20 now~ I know to some readers that’s pretty ooooooold hahaha. Funny thing is, I’ve been told time and time again that I look younger for my age (*cough* 14-16 *cough* I guess it’s because I’m petite) but I definitely act much older for my age.

And here’s a little something that I’ve been working on:

I haven’t manga-coloured in months and was pretty surprised that it turned out somewhat okay looking. It was from two different panels in Pandora Hearts Chapter 74 (gah, that chapter killed me!) but I combined them together. Honestly, Pandora Hearts is amazing I love it :)

For the love of a daughter

18th September 2011 14 comments

Nearly getting through my quizzes and reports…but still not really much of a break after woods, since I’ve still go to study for exams. But I’m not here to complain about uni (*gasp* Really now?)

My family has never been functional. I’m sure most families aren’t but mine’s always been more so…or that’s what I think. I’ve mentioned probably ages ago that I’m not longer living with my parents, but with my uncle and aunty.

The reason why I’m mentioning this is because I listened to Demi Lovato’s For The Love Of A Daughter and I burst into tears. I had to run to the toilet, much to the surprise and shock to my friends (I was at uni). I’m not a crier. I don’t like crying but that song touched me so deeply. It sums my feelings and circumstances perfectly.

I had always liked Demi Lovato as a singer since she has such a good voice. But after hearing her newest album, I’m beginning to respect her a whole heck more. She’s got light, fun songs mingled with deeper songs and her transition to something more ‘mature’ seems flawless (*cough* unlike Miley Cyrus *cough*).

And yeah, I’m a lot better now. It’s just kinda of hit me, you know? It’s been a while but the I suppose the feelings are still festering somewhere in me.

In between Demi Lovato’s album, I’m pumping up Jason Derulo’s album 😀


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