Rain, rain go away

5th June 2012 5 comments

So I have less than 2 weeks before my finals and I really should be studying as I haven’t been studying consistently (no time to!) but then I suppose it’s no longer called studying…rather cramming.  But I’m a procrastinator – a very bad one at that T_T. It’s going to bite me in the butt, as always. Do I learn? Unfortunately no.

But I’m in that ‘I don’t give a damn stage’ of pre-exams. Anyone get that too? 🙂

And I’ve also missed blogging and you guys 😀

HeartWar.NET’s new layout – here

So what did I decide to do instead of study? Finally upload HeartWar.NET’s new layout. It’s been sitting on my hard disk for the last…umm…3 months. Yeah, I have a habit of finishing a design then leaving it there to gather dust then going back and completely hating it thus redesigning and then the vicious cycle starts again. I’ll ramble more about it later (under the read more). Speaking about that cycle…I still have 6 month old layouts for my shrines that I haven’t uploaded either. Lol, yeah I’m that bad. I’ll probably won’t get them up until after my exams though.

It’s freezing right now in Australia! Really cold! It’s been raining for the last couple of days and finally looked sunny yesterday, only for it to start pouring today. I hate going to uni on raining days – you have to battle the rain, the wind, your cheap umbrella praying that it won’t suddenly flip on you.

Actually I had a pretty bad experience of that in my first year of uni. It was pouring – heavily pouring and really windy and I whipped out my $5 flimsy umbrella, hoping that it would somehow cover me as I trekked to the station. Unfortunately, a very strong gust of wind flipped it up and while I battled to set it straight with raining pelting me, another gust of wind attacked and ripped the material from the metal framework of the umbrella. Yeah guys, so I was standing there holding the framework thinking ‘What. The. Hell’?!

The only upside was by the time I did a mad dash to the train station and got into the train, I was so soaking wet that no one would want to sit next to me (that and probably because I looked like a drowned rat…). Needless to say I’ve also learned not to use those cheap umbrellas on really windy and rainy days.


cause if you let me, here’s what i’ll do, i’ll take care of you

22nd November 2011 7 comments

Exams done. Now waiting very anxiously for my results.

I’m slowly returning comments…yes, very slowly lol.

I haven’t been doing much – I’ve been actually working a lot the past couple of days since my holidays started. Rude customers (along with exams) are the bane of my existence *sigh*. I had a very rude customer come in yesterday and I had to spend an hour and a half serving her for perfumes. Honestly she was a major cow! She wanted to refund her perfumes too but since she didn’t buy it directly from our store (we’re a franchise) we couldn’t refund her and she chucked this major hissy fit *shakes head*. Some customers need to realise that they are not Kings or Queens.

But yes holidays! 😀 I had a list of what I wanted to do, in terms of online stuff. Basically revamp my domains (heartwar.net and three-words.net). I finished Heartwar’s domain a few months ago – not sure if I’m going to use it. But I still have loads of stuff to do before I can reveal it~

Also here’s a little peek of what I’ve been working on:

Manga Colouring Preview - Nabi

 Nabi – Ryo-Sang and Myo-Un

For those who haven’t read Nabi, it’s probably one of my favourite manhwas. Yes, it’s a bit slow and very little happens but I do very much like the characters and the art is amazing.  After a cliffhanger (Spoiler: Basically, leaving us wondering if Myo-Un will die or not. Since she’s a main character, I doubt it but knowing Kim Yeon-Joo who does like tragedies, you never know. ) I thought why not attempt to colour the manhwa? I haven’t coloured in a while, and since I don’t colour that frequently, I always seem to forget how to do it aslj;lfa;.  Myo-Un’s hair is probably supposed to be lighter so I might change it. I’ll probably finish it real soon, but manga colouring does take me a while so I’m not sure how “soon” that’ll be. Depends on my mood and my long list of other things to do 😀

And  the rest of the blog is the meme that Kris tagged me agessssssssss ago LOL.


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