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31st July 2011 14 comments

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments about the cyberbullying incident! 🙂 I feel a lot better now ♥.

I’m unfortunately back at uni. I have so much trepidation with this upcoming semester. Firstly, because a new semester is always daunting and gets harder with each year. Secondly, I am alone. My best friend failed one of the units last semester 🙁 I only recently found out and she’s devastated naturally. My other friends, I’m not too close with and rather spend time with their boyfriends (hence why I’m not close with them urgh) and thus, I will be cruising this semester by myself.

In other news, I’m sharing some icons I made a while ago. I’ve already shared them with at a LJ icon community that I’m with and I was waiting to try and make a larger bunch to post here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any time to make a lot more, only adding some Kobato icons.  I’ve also weeded some out – the ones I’m not particularly fond of so I guess it’s about the same amount.

Anyways, it always takes me ages to make a batch, only because I’m really slow at manga colouring :S

Graphics Update


  • Akatsuki no Yona [05]
  • Kobato [09]
  • Vahila’s Bridegroom [03]
  • Vampire Knight [07]

Manga Colouring

  • Vampire Knight [01]




Also I’ve decided to try my luck with:

Yeah, last minute entry, lol. I wasn’t planning on joining but since I generally now only make coloured icons, I thought , why not? Everyone’s icons are gorgeous so I think I’d just be happy with a participation banner ♥

I’m aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

4th July 2011 8 comments

One word: exams.

I’m not going to dedicate this post to say sorry that I disappeared. I’m pretty sure everyone noticed this site died.

But on that note of exams, I really do hope I pass mine 🙁 If I fail any of them, I get held back a year and that’s just plain horrible. *sigh* I won’t rest easy until my exam results are released…and that takes while. Pray that I pass, please <3. Oh and a fair warning, you’ll probably get loads of mentions of me worrying about my results until I get them. I’ll either be jumping for joy or moping.

My birthday’s coming up and I’m not sure if I want to plan anything for it. It’s just such a hassle to plan for those things :S Not to mention, there’s the whole friends problem. No, I do have friends, lol. It’s just I have high school friends and Pharmacy friends and mixing them together just causes more problems. My friends are the nicest ones ever but you know, it’s still awkward trying to merge two groups together.

Did anything happen to me during the months that I disappeared? *scratches head* Nope, I don’t think so. I lead a pretty boring life, lol. I did get a new netbook. I quite love it. With 4GBs of RAM, it handles Photoshop amazingly well, lol. I didn’t think the poor thing would take it but I installed it for fun to see if it’ll work and it runs pretty smoothly.

I’ll be having a graphic post soon, once I make more icons~ I’ve already posted some in a small lj comm that I’m in but I won’t add them here until I have a little more but for a preview:

P.S I haven’t coloured in…one year seriously. I’ve forgotten how to do so *sigh* Yeah, so forgive the crapiness~
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