i shot for the sky

13th August 2010 4 comments

Phew! It’s been a hectic week. I’m sorry, I was supposed to update my blog last week but I was tied up with so many things.

Firstly, my computer died on me. It was my power supply that died, no biggie. The only problem was that it died on Sunday (hence I couldn’t update) and most of the computer stores were closed T_T. So I had to wait until Monday afternoon, trek to my local computer store and go home and install it myself. Hahahaha yeah, I’m geeky that way (on just normally, I dunno) and prefer doing it myself since it’s cheaper 😀

Secondly, my host was having problems and I’ve been busy cleaning up after their crap. That sounds so harsh 🙁 But I’m annoyed because my hosting site was affected and so were my hostees. Not cool. I’m intending to change hosts, which may mean downtime BUT let’s hope that’ll be the end of it.

I will probably post up a design soon. Maybe. No promises 😉

Sorry if this post isn’t coherent. Generally, I stick to my hot chocolate when I go to uni because I don’t like coffee. But today, I brought a mocha (my 2nd time) and have been twitching like crazy, lol. I’m shaking while type at the moment *shakes head*. 10 thousand things are going through my mind hahahaha.

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I’ll forget you so you can live better

28th July 2010 6 comments

Woahhhh. Man, I was seriously supposed to update but with the server move and the DNS going all haywire, I wanted to wait ;).

I’m back to Uni! 😀 Now that I’m back, I’m wondering why I was missing it lol. Well actually I really like my timetable apart from Thursdays T_T. 9am-6pm with no breaks. Urghhhh. A 5 hour lab stuck in there~ Hopefully I’m able to keep myself awake through that!

I went karaoke after uni today with friends~ I’m pretty shy so it was a bit hard to sing since I wasn’t all too close with a couple of people there. But it was fun! ♥ Though my voice is all hoarse now (I call that my sexy voice ;).

I recently watched Inception twice – once with my sister, the second time with my friends because they really wanted to watch it. Well, it’s a movie that you probably need to watch twice ^^ I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I really enjoyed it! 😀 The plot and concept was really interesting!

And even though it’s the first week back to uni I’ve got this massive list of things to do. Oh well, the inner nerd in me is slightly excited 😉

As for the content part of the site…well I’m getting my icons up. LOL. Seriously, I’m just lazy. I’m not even making any new icons, just getting my old ones up, hahaha. Oh yes and I got the tablet that I wanted for my birthday ♥. I haven’t gotten to use it yet but I will try this weekend ^^

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