i love the way you lie

18th July 2010 5 comments

Whoops! I was supposed to at least blog once a week but er…T_T.

My birthday was pretty…umm…meh. It was really just like any other day 😉 I went out with my sister and we watched Prince of Persia. I rather liked the movie.

I haven’t seen my friends yet as a couple are overseas but we have an outing this Wednesday 😀 Feels strange for not seeing them for a while~

Uni is going to start again in 1 week *sigh*. Where did my holidays go? But er…well not to sound nerdy, I kinda want to go back. I like the beginning of uni where you start learning new things etc ^^. It’s only when the assessments come non-stop along with cramming for exams that makes me hate it 😡

I’ve brought new clothes! I might take pictures of them later 😉

I’m going on a download spree at the moment! I guess most people don’t know about this but my sister and I live with my Aunty and Uncle. It’s complicated. Basically, all my father’s fault. I know my sister and I can’t live with my Aunty and Uncle since we feel like such burdens…but I know we can’t live at “home” unless my father decides to change his ways. ANYWAYS, back to the point. I’ve temporary returned home to visit my Dad and trying to use up all the gigs of the internet, lol.

As for the content part of the site…nothing really happening there. Hahahaha. Well, I am gathering up my old icons so I guess that’s all you’re going to see for a while (once I get it done).

Oh yes and my host is going to have a server upgrade so Sky-Song might go down for a couple of hours/days. I don’t know when it’s going to happen yet but just a head’s up.

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I won’t let our love fade away

4th July 2010 27 comments

New version! Hmmmm, I dunno if I really like it – this is my first layout in a very long time (or so it feels). I’ve been battling a horrible layout block and hoped that this layout would cure it for me, but it doesn’t seem so.

Did I tell you how much I hate WordPress? 😀 No? I hate it! LOL. No, not really. I’m still learning. It’s not that bad. And I really didn’t want to use pink but it turned out like this. Oh well, hopefully it looks nice and you guys like it 😀 The colour scheme might be a little…enthusiastic lol.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new page!  Content. Though there’s nothing there and it’ll probably stay like that for a while lol. But my intentions for it is to maybe add my icons and this is a super maybe – offer layouts etc. I shall have to see how things go. I still need to write something in the about page…

My birthday is coming up in a week or so! July 13th. I’m turning 18 this year, yeahhh! I’m like one of the last people to turn 18 in my grade, lol. ANYWAYS! I’m planning a dinner with my high school friends, though since it’s holidays, they’re all going overseas T_T.

But I’m a little excited about my birthday because one of my uni friends accidentally (?) hinted that they might be getting me a tablet! For those who don’t know (I’m pretty sure none of my uni friends really knew what it was and since I do pharmacy, I think they were thinking ‘this girl wants DRUGS?’ hahahaha. But I think they asked someone who did know…) I mean this type of tablet.

Well, I shouldn’t get my hopes up, hahaha. But I’ve always wanted a tablet~ Further my web-designing skills/graphic design as well as using it to colour managa 😉

And since it’s holidays for me now, I should be blogging at least once a week. Hopefully 😀

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