I’m walking on sunshine

23rd April 2010 2 comments

For xin-yi

Well, it really applies to everyone 🙂 But dedicated to xin-yi~

I still have little quizzes here and there, a bio report due but apart from that, I’m a-okay! ♥ I’m still a little stressed, but that’s natural.

I was so silly today! I had a Human Biology mid-semester exam and when you leave, you have to show your ID card. Anyways, I handed in my paper and smiled at the person, holding my ID card next to my face.

The supervisor laughed a little and said my ID card was upside down. T_T

Oh well, it was good to laugh with my friends after woods and totally made me forget about that horrid exam.

Also, my friend got me a David + Goliath tshirt! It was really sweet of her! ♥ I got this one, hahaha. I do love ninjas 😀

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I’ll never let you down

17th April 2010 8 comments

Yes, that’s so me atm

Well, kinda. I’ve got so many quizzes and assignments coming up that I’m so stressed. Yet, also very mellow about it, lol. That doesn’t make sense at all. Well, I’m stressed but I’m still procrastinating a bit ;).

I had a Chem Lab assessment yesterday, where I had to find an unknown solid through cation and anion tests.

My friend was really nervous during the exam. She borrowed my bunsen burner flame and when she placed her beaker there, it exploded. You should have heard us scream, lol. Actually, a lot of people screamed. The guy next to us screamed more girly than us! Hahahaha. We both dived out of the way since the glass exploded everywhere. Pretty scary actually and thank God we were wearing our safety glasses.

Now I’m grateful that they’re always telling us to wear our safety glasses!~ 😀 But I still hate them T_T

I’m in love with school food punishment‘s debut album – amp reflection ♥ Oh, and the Lee Hyori‘s new album is getting some love too ♥.

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