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5th August 2013 10 comments

It’s been quiet here – fear not, I haven’t abandoned my blog! *cough* Basically, uni was whooping my ass and making my life hell – but that’s always a given so I have no excuses, really. I’ve had plenty of time to blog during last month because I was on a month break from uni. I’ve been trying to savour it because it was my last holiday forever.

Well, not really, but after this semester of uni, I will be jumping into full-time work and no longer a student. Something that I’m going to miss, despite how much I complain about it. Because truth be told, the hours aren’t too bad and the freedom is great 😀

I’m not looking forward to my intern year as a pharmacy graduate because it’s basically more studying. How pharmacy works over here is that you do four years at uni, then a year working as an intern before sitting a written and oral exam. The oral exam scares me – I’m tested in front of a Board of Health Professionals…intimidating, indeed!

So what happened in the months that I didn’t blog? Well here’s a summary:

  • Uni, uni, uni, of course (= no life).
  • I passed all my exams (thank God!) with a high distinction average – that was a shocker!
  • I turned 21, oh yeah!
  • I went to Singapore – which was simply amazing!
  • New layout + changed the music, woot! Nice and simple! Oh and this layout is responsive as well, yay!

Yeah, so you guys didn’t really miss out on much 😀 How has everyone else been? I gotta go stalk your blogs 🙂

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Living in the outback for a week…

31st March 2013 2 comments

…I’ve become dark as a native lol.

No. Almost 😀

Well, I decided to go on rural placement this semester and was super stoked when I got it! In 4th year pharmacy we have to go on 2 one week placements for a semester – either rural, hospital or community pharmacy. Placement is basically just like ‘work experience’ I guess 😀 It’s been busy leading up to it and whilst I was there, hence why I haven’t been blogging.

Anyways, I decided to go to Thursday Island with my friend, which is extremely remote. It’s way up north of Australia – I live in Sydney – and to get there, I had to catch two flights and a ferry. Phew! We had problems with the airlines in getting there and going back though.

Problem #1 – Lost Luggage

As I mentioned, you needed to catch 2 flights and a ferry. So basically, Sydney -> Cairns -> Horn Island, then catch a ferry to Thursday Island. The flight to Cairns was where I encountered my first problem. We flew with an airline called Virgin Australia to get to Cairns and had checked in luggage. I waited at the carousel for my luggage to go by but as the number of suitcases dwindled and with my luggage nowhere in sight…I knew something was wrong.

Yup, Virgin Australia “misplaced” my luggage.

I wasn’t happy at all, naturally. I had another flight to catch in an hour and had to sort everything out with the airline, trying to politely explain to them that they had fricken lost my luggage and I was travelling to Thursday Island, which, no offence, is a hole and they better get it to me somehow.

They did eventually – though I was with 2 days without my clothes. I was doing work experience for the first day wearing flip-flops – really professional. Of course, I explained it to the pharmacists there and they were understanding. But it still was very inconvenient without having my stuff there!

Problem #2 – Cancelled Flight

Going back: Horn Island -> Cairns -> Sydney

Yeah, our flight got cancelled at Horn Island. This time is was another airline – Qantas. So we were stuck in the airport for a few hours and by the time we reached Cairns, there were no more flights back to Sydney. We had to stay the night in Cairns. That wasn’t too bad, just only the fact that Qantas didn’t pay for our accommodation even though it was there fault that we had missed our 2nd flight. We were exhausted and just really wanted to get home to Sydney 🙁

The Overall Experience – Amazing!

Apart from the horrible bad luck with the airlines, I had a wonderful time at Thursday Island! The people there are extremely friendly! Everywhere we went, people smiled and said hello and were quite eager to help us. The pharmacists and workers in the pharmacy were lovely as well. Thursday Island itself I admit is a bit of a ‘hole’ but it was nice and simple, despite the really humid weather. The moment you step out, you’re literally sweating and sticky. There wasn’t much to do but it was beautiful because anywhere you looked, you would either see crystalline, sparkling water or mountains.

We tried out a yoga class there though. It’s situated in such a picturesque place – you get a lovely view of the sea and mountains in front of you. Unfortunately, my friend and I jumped straight into the advanced classes without any prior experience and pretty much died. I have terrible balance and pretty much zero upper/lower body strength hahaha. Though I definitely to want to pick up yoga this year – though maybe I should start with the basic classes 😀

We also attempted to go swimming but by the time we finished work, it was low tide and too hard to reach the water. Apparently, there’s crocodiles too so we just laid on the sand and watched the sun set 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed it!

I’ll definitely be doing a Bookworm post this week 😀 I’ve just received my copy of ‘The Wild Girl’ by Kate Forsyth. She’s the same author of Bitter Greens that I mentioned last year, which happened to be one of my favourite books of 2012. I’ve finished the book in about a day – and my verdict? Well I guess I’ll save that for my next post 🙂

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