The Big 2-0

16th July 2012 14 comments

Thank you to everyone who participated in the book giveaway! 🙂

So I turned 20 last week. My family didn’t do much only because at the moment, we’re experiencing some family troubles. It’s an on-going and probably never-ending issue that I touched upon this post here – if you listen to the song within that post, it pretty much sums my circumstances. My sister and I had initially left to live with my aunty and uncle but that itself rose some other problems and then we eventually got guilt-tripped by our mother to return. And thus the cycle starts again.

But yes! I am 20 now~ I know to some readers that’s pretty ooooooold hahaha. Funny thing is, I’ve been told time and time again that I look younger for my age (*cough* 14-16 *cough* I guess it’s because I’m petite) but I definitely act much older for my age.

And here’s a little something that I’ve been working on:

I haven’t manga-coloured in months and was pretty surprised that it turned out somewhat okay looking. It was from two different panels in Pandora Hearts Chapter 74 (gah, that chapter killed me!) but I combined them together. Honestly, Pandora Hearts is amazing I love it 🙂

Book Giveaway! :)

6th July 2012 23 comments

I think the nights of sleeping late and lack of sleep has been catching up with me T_T. I am sick. Yet again. Dammit. Different symptoms though, so I have a feeling this might be the viral infection that’s been spreading around in the city. Which would explain why the antibiotics aren’t helping me (that or my poor compliance, haha I don’t practice what I preach).

Why have I been staying up and waking up early despite being on holidays, you may ask? My hosting site (Three-Words.NET) has been going through a server move and I’ve been running around making sure that everything went smoothly. It’s all done for now. Thankfully!

I just realised my birthday is a week away! (July 13th). It falls on a Friday in Australia – ‘Bad Luck Friday‘. When I had been in primary school, I had once told someone in my class that my birthday that year was going to fall on ‘Bad Luck Friday’. The girl had then told me that it was ‘cursed’ and that I was bad luck. Me, being the gullible six year old that I was, believed her and had refused to celebrate my birthday that year *shakes head*.

I finally got my copy of the book I was talking about previously – Winter Be My Shield by Jo Spurrier! 😀 I haven’t started reading it yet though – only because my sick, numb brain doesn’t feel like it yet lol.

But speaking of books – Book Depository is having a sale! 10% off. It was only for those with the Solstice Bookmark holders but you can grab the code here. In light of this and my desire to read some more books, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to recommend me a book, here’s something to help you:

Stuff that I enjoy:

  • A strong, likable female protagonist
  •  Light romance
  •  Compelling characters and plot
  • Fantasy elements – this is not really necessary but just a preference. A good book is a good book and doesn’t really matter what genre.

Stuff I do not enjoy:

  • Mary Sue characters. Big NO NO.
  • Overly complicated love triangles. Or love triangles in general
  • Instant love
  • Recycled vampire/werewolf/fae/paranormal characters and plot lines

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions and enjoy!!! 😀

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