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14th February 2013 11 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! <3

Oh how ironic was my previous post? Back to blogging? Definitely not. Well I am now going to try. I want to change the direction of my blog slightly – not that it had a direction beforehand – but I want to talk about things that matter to me. That’ll be: pharmacy (unfortunately), web-design, technology…just geeky stuff. Oh and books. Glorious books! I might have touched on those briefly but I never really went into detail because I worried that people won’t be interested. But in turns out that blogging about my life is strangely monotonous because man, am I such a thrill seeker? *cough*.

And a new theme which will be here to stay for a while, hopefully! The previous theme lasted a measly one post before Sky-Song went into hibernation. Hover on the heart, it’s a nifty trick that I’ve learnt 😀 And there’s very mellow, sleep-inducing music that you can play with the music player.

So what has happened in the few months that I have gone?

  • I went to Queensland for a week with my friends


It was definitely a fun trip and I practically bathed in sunscreen to prevent myself from tanning 😀 My colouration is not so Vietnamese that I get mistaken as a Filipino or it’s something about my features (my sister likes to attribute it to my big eyes, but I still have no idea). I darken very easily so in lieu with my pharmacy knowledge about the SPF and how much sunscreen is actually required, I armed myself with liters of suncreen.

Above is an image of the place we were staying 🙂

  • I passed 3rd year Pharmacy and am progressing into 4th this year.

HOLY SMOKES I AM OLD!! My last uni year before registration year (intern/graduate year). It’s scary and I have lots of decisions to make. I’m not sure if I want to do my registration year with work because…

  • I’ve gotten a new manager at work – so far I dislike him.

More like I want to punch him. He needs to learn his people skills – you don’t just go up to someone and say ‘you guys are shit, I need to train you more’ (he said that to my friend in front of everyone, and inferred it for the rest of us). He also needs to learn how to smile – he smiles to the customers etc. but then when he turns to talk to the staff members, he seems extremely cold.

  • Purchased a Nexus 7 32GB 3G

Purchased it on Tuesday! 🙂 I’ve been eyeing it for months and kept waiting to see if the price would decrease. Eventually, I just gave up and went what the heck? Might as well splurge once in a while. I’m absolutely loving it so far. I had been deciding between it and the Nexus 10 version but I’m glad I settled for the Nexus 7 – it’s much easier to hold and more portable 🙂

sunshine and rain make a beautiful thing

6th February 2012 9 comments

I recently caught a chest infection, which was not fun (understatement). I was coughing so much that I swear I began coughing up blood. Nonetheless, I am feeling a lot better now…I am a least able to walk around a bit without breaking into a fit or wheezing uncontrollably. But I sound like the wheezing dog from Toy Story.

Yeah, it sucks.

But on the upside, my tablet pc arrived! Yay! 😀 I recently brought a cheap, knock-off Android tablet pc from China. Yeah, so I wasn’t expecting much for something that I only spent $75 USD on. The only reason why I had brought it was I was going to get a ebook reader, then realised that I might as get a ‘knock-off’ tablet pc. So far, it’s okay. I had some problems with it at the beginning but it seems to be working out now.

I was too tired to go find my camera and take a picture of it so you can look at the advertising picture of it 😀

Before I got sick, I managed to do some stationary shopping. Does anyone here just absolutely love stationary shopping? 🙂 It’s probably the best thing about returning to uni. I always tends to loose my pens for when I return back to uni, hahaha. So I brought a whole bunch of pens, along with the colourful ones since I love colour when I’m studying. There’s nothing worst trying to cram a whole of stuff that you really don’t want to stuff in your head and looking at a very white piece of paper. I do crazy highlighting too, lol. I should show my study notes sometime. And I brought a diary, a very cheap one that I took apart and made my own with 😀

Speaking on uni, I’ll be starting again soon. I’m extremely nervous about this year. I am intending on studying ahead with my sister’s notes but knowing how lazy I am, probably not 😐

*goes back to resting*


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