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13th January 2012 10 comments

I’ve cancelled my pre-order for the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2. It was a little disheartening but it’s justified, since I probably wouldn’t need all the excess stuff. BUT the main reason I’m doing it is because of Square Enix. My rant will contain spoilers about Final Fantasy XIII-2 so don’t read if you don’t want to get spoiled.

SPOILER SPOILER – Don’t read if you don’t want to know the ending!

Yes, WHAT THE HELL SQUARE ENIX? YOU MONEY-DRIVEN GREEDY STUPID ARGH. *breathes in and out* Okay. But what they’ve done is something that I’m obviously not happy with. In writing, or with anything with a plot – you make promises to the audience. Questions that should be answered. Does SE do this? Nope. Toriyama said: ‘to make a story where Lightning “ends up happy in the end.”‘ If you’ve read about the ending of FF XIII-2 then you’d know Lightning can’t possibly happy, not with Serah dead and her being…I don’t know, a crystal?! 

*sigh* Yes, I know it’s not a fairytale ending and I wouldn’t have had a problem with that but I get this feeling that FF XIII-2 is just a filler for whatever next money-scheming thing they’ll have. For the ‘true’ ending to ‘end’ with ‘To Be Continued…’ seems pitiful, after the hours that you’ll be playing to attempt to finish the game. I know that they said they’ll release scenario DLCs but that idea rankles me too. Knowing Square-Enix, they’ll probably make you pay for the ending. 


Now I’m not too sure if I should order the game or not? I haven’t finished FF XIII though I do know how it ends. Hmmm. Might as well pre-order the normal edition.

In other news, I have absolutely no motivation to work on my domain (s) at all 😐 Actually, HeartWar’s layout was finished months ago and is still on my hard-drive, gathering dust. My shrines remained untouched as well. Oh sigh…*goes off looking for motivation* What I’ve actually managed to do is create a new, but unnecessary layout for Sky-Song lol. Three-Words is done and up as well! 🙂

At work, my retail manager finally got fired. I know that many people at work didn’t like her. I was neutral – yes was. But when she gave everyone Christmas presents apart from me, I got cut. It wasn’t because I wanted a Christmas present but the principle that everyone else got one apart from me. I was nothing but nice to her 😐 But the main reason why I know she got fired was because she was being pretty rude and unfair to the staff. It got to the point where we apparently all signed an email to our boss stating that we were unhappy with her. I say ‘apparently’ because my name was signed on the email when I wasn’t even aware of it until after my retail manager got fired, LOL!

I also took my dog to the vet last week – only to discover that he had cancer 🙁 Fortunately, they could remove most of it out and he’s doing a lot better now. Though he has to wear a cone-collar to prevent him from licking and biting his stitches and is pretty miserable about it. The poor thing can’t walk properly since he’s not used to the extra width the cone adds to his head and therefore walks into things 🙁 And as a side note: Vets are so damn expensive. I spent like $950 AUD to get him treated 😐 There goes my money again.

Hmmm 2012 seems pretty eventful for me. How’s everyone’s year so far?


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