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4th May 2010 6 comments

The blog has been experiencing massive downtime these 2 weeks due my host’s server change. But everything is fine now! ♥

I really want to make a new layout, get some new content up, etc but I’m too busy at the moment~ So I can’t wait until this semester is over so I can get cracking! 😉

I hate group work. I’ve got an assignment due this week and the members in my group, apart from my friend, don’t seem to really care about it /sigh. So I’ve been pulling most of the weight. URGH! 😡 Oh well, I’ll complain about them in the peer review. Hahahaha.

I’m really loving the song Airplanes Part 1 by B.o.B feat. Haley Williams ♥ I don’t really like Part 2 because I like the lyrics for Part 1 more and I think Eminem kills the song. 😐

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I’m walking on sunshine

23rd April 2010 2 comments

For xin-yi

Well, it really applies to everyone 🙂 But dedicated to xin-yi~

I still have little quizzes here and there, a bio report due but apart from that, I’m a-okay! ♥ I’m still a little stressed, but that’s natural.

I was so silly today! I had a Human Biology mid-semester exam and when you leave, you have to show your ID card. Anyways, I handed in my paper and smiled at the person, holding my ID card next to my face.

The supervisor laughed a little and said my ID card was upside down. T_T

Oh well, it was good to laugh with my friends after woods and totally made me forget about that horrid exam.

Also, my friend got me a David + Goliath tshirt! It was really sweet of her! ♥ I got this one, hahaha. I do love ninjas 😀

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