The Road Not Taken

18th August 2013 5 comments

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth…

– ‘The Road Not Taken’ ; Robert Frost

I studied this poem in Year 11 for the English Area of Study of ‘Journeys’. Of course, that’s not the whole poem but a snippet to convey a current predicament I’m facing.

As required for my degree, I need to do a graduate or intern year with a pharmacy before undertaking my board exams. It’s about the time where most people in my year are seeking out internships and considering that pharmacy is quite saturated at the moment, it without a doubt is proving difficult.

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been working with a large chain pharmacy ever since my first year – so I’ve been with them almost 4 years now. They only take one intern each year and I accepted the fact that they were going to move me to a different pharmacy, as there’s another 4th year pharmacy student with me. To my surprise and delight however, they’ve decided to take us both on.

A few days however, I received some news that has placed me in a bit of a dilemma. A pharmacist that I did placement with last year offered me to do an internship with their pharmacy.

So I tried breaking down the pros and cons of each place:

My Current Work:

Pros: Familiarity – I know exactly what’s expected of me, I know all the staff very well, Job prospects after internship

Cons: It is a bit further, there is a stigma attached to my pharmacy chain by other pharmacists (I get so fed up with defending it lol)

The Other Pharmacy:

Pros: The pharmacist is a great mentor and we got along really well, a bit closer to home

Cons: I’m not familiar with how the pharmacy is run. Needless to say, while most pharmacies are run the same – I don’t know what would be expected of me as an intern.

ARGHHHH is all I can say!

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Remember Me?

5th August 2013 10 comments

It’s been quiet here – fear not, I haven’t abandoned my blog! *cough* Basically, uni was whooping my ass and making my life hell – but that’s always a given so I have no excuses, really. I’ve had plenty of time to blog during last month because I was on a month break from uni. I’ve been trying to savour it because it was my last holiday forever.

Well, not really, but after this semester of uni, I will be jumping into full-time work and no longer a student. Something that I’m going to miss, despite how much I complain about it. Because truth be told, the hours aren’t too bad and the freedom is great 😀

I’m not looking forward to my intern year as a pharmacy graduate because it’s basically more studying. How pharmacy works over here is that you do four years at uni, then a year working as an intern before sitting a written and oral exam. The oral exam scares me – I’m tested in front of a Board of Health Professionals…intimidating, indeed!

So what happened in the months that I didn’t blog? Well here’s a summary:

  • Uni, uni, uni, of course (= no life).
  • I passed all my exams (thank God!) with a high distinction average – that was a shocker!
  • I turned 21, oh yeah!
  • I went to Singapore – which was simply amazing!
  • New layout + changed the music, woot! Nice and simple! Oh and this layout is responsive as well, yay!

Yeah, so you guys didn’t really miss out on much 😀 How has everyone else been? I gotta go stalk your blogs 🙂

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