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2nd October 2012 10 comments

Whoa, when was it the last time I blogged? It’s a vicious cycle I suppose. So my explanation really is –┬áexams and uni. Yeah, enough said ­čÖé That being said, I will probably disappear again as this semester is jam packed with stress ­čÖé

But as per usual as well – each time I disappear and then pitifully attempt to revive my blog, I also create a new theme. Ta da~ Shocking not cyan but with lots of colours which is pretty much my favourite colour scheme as well. Nothing ground-breaking again but I think I’m more a┬áminimalistic┬ádesigner. It definitely looks better on Google Chrome and resolutions┬á1368 x 768 and higher~

Back to uni talk (yay?!)

I have mentioned before that this year, my pharmacy course is a little different right? Basically what normally happens is that in a semester (13 weeks) we have four final exams for the four units that we’ve studied.

However 3rd year pharmacy is a little different in that this is what happens – in one semester, it gets divided into two (i.e. 6 weeks). And instead of studying all four units at the same time, we study two for those six weeks, then have our final exams. And the process repeats again for the second half of the semester. It’s a painful, grueling process as it’s constant studying for final exams.

I’ve already done two exams this semester and we’re starting the second half of this one. But this time, we’re going to have four exams as well. One including OSCE.

The dreaded OSCE.

I don’t even remember what is stands for but basically it’s a 30 minute oral examination with 3 stations – a doctor, pharmacist and patient. And each station, you get quizzed in scenarios relevant to the profession. It’s scary because it examines everything that I’ve learnt this year and that’s about over 500 drugs, along with interactions etc.

As you can tell, I have no life apart from pharmacy lol. Sorry it’s been just pharmacy for the last month or so as I crammed for my exams. The┬áglamorous┬álife of a uni student ­čÖé

Hopefully a more interesting blog next time ­čÖé I’m going to return comments now <3


7th September 2012 5 comments

Uni has kidnapped me and is holding me hostage.

Ransom? Er…well I’ll get released after I finish exams ­čÖü

P.s. Sorry for not replying to comments etc. I’ll be back after Sept. 14th ­čÖé ÔÖą

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