Monthly Recap: Jan – Jul 15

2nd August 2015 1 comment

Obviously not blogging 😎 . I’ve pretty much disappeared from blogging for a year and a half. Last year, it was my intern year and my work-study-life balance was completely skewed to work and study without much life so there wasn’t much to blog about. I also couldn’t get my creativity flowing which only got me frustrated…

The good thing is that I’m finally a registered pharmacist. But that brought on a whole new set of problems (such as no longer having a 9am – 5pm roster and adjusting to doing alternating morning and night shifts…). I decided then to take a big step back and examine my life.


This year was a major change because I’m no longer studying. It definitely has caused ‘quarter-life’ crisis modes on occasion but…I’ve been trying to stick to my new years resolutions and even made a little poster to remind me.

As you can see, I absolutely love the watercolour look.

I’ve framed the illustration and keep it on my filing cabinet next to my table to inspire me whenever I’m down. Admittedly, I’m not following all the points but the most important ones (the first four) I’ve been following to the tee. This year has been so far figuring me. I’ve definitely been more happy and taking care of myself more.

Decluttering has also been a major part. We’ve been renovating the house in preparation for my sister’s wedding – the whole works, so repainting all the walls and redoing the floors etc. It’s been stressful and tiring. We’ve still got a long way to go as well 😮 The most exciting thing will be the interior design – I can’t wait to do my room!

How has everyone been? 😉

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2014, here we go!

13th January 2014 14 comments

So far, 2014 hasn’t been too good for me. We’ve been having family problems as we always do, since my dad is an abusive alcoholic. For now though, it’s like the calm before the storm but I’m tired of tiptoeing around it.

Still, I can’t believe it’s 2014 already! While I might be a little late in getting my NY resolutions up and I’m sure everyone is sick of seeing them, I’ll share mine 😀

  • Study hard and become a pharmacist

Right now, I’m an intern, working at a pharmacy to complete my hours so I can take the Pharmacy Written and Oral Board exams. It’s been hard juggling working life as well as study…so far I haven’t been studying at all but I got to motivate myself to 🙂

  • Save money and buy an investment property

I’m only 21 (turning 22) and just started full-time work but my sister and I want to buy an investment property. Or really, just a property to move out so we can get away the aforementioned issue. Money’s quite tight at the moment as it is, so I’m going to try and budget myself.

  • Be happier and love myself

There is always something that I’ll wish that I could change about myself but slowly throughout the years, I’ve started to accept myself. This year will be no different 🙂 Slowly, but surely, I’m going to build my confidence!

  • Enjoy life

As I shift into full-time work, I have less time for myself. I don’t want it to just be: Wake up > Work > Go home. I want to be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest~

So instead of studying when I get home, I’ve actually been web-designing! Yeah, like I said, my first new year resolution isn’t going too well hehehe. The designs aren’t for any upcoming projects (that I know of yet ^^). I was considering of selling them for extra cash but I’m not sure~

Leafy Love

First design that I created in December – named ‘Leavy Love’ for now.

Chase the Sun

Second design I made yesterday 🙂 This is the one that I’m more fond of.

How’s everyone’s 2014 and New Year resolutions coming along? 🙂

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